Disaster Displacement Seminar: Dublin

“Climate Change, Displacement and the Law”

23rd February 2018

Every year, millions of people are displaced by climate-related disasters, and this is likely to increase as climate change accelerates. While most people displaced in the context of disasters and climate change remain within their own country, some are forced to cross international borders.

With climate change likely to change the frequency and severity of hydrometeorological events such as droughts, storms and flooding, leading to internal and cross-border disaster displacement, it is timely to consider current policy and legal implications.

This seminar examined the reasons behind movement of people in response to disasters, the impacts of climate change, implications for humanitarian organisations, and what legal and policy frameworks exist to support such movement. Speakers included leading international and Irish representatives from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Trócaire and IOM (the UN Migration Agency).